MVME162 Embedded Controller


The MVME162 family provides OEMs and solutions developers an ideal platform for embedded monitoring and control applications. It allows an OEM to minimize their engineering expenses while integrating value-added hardware and software applications onto an off-the-shelf product.

In order to provide this wide range of solutions, the MVME162 allows a variety of MPU, memory and interface options such as floating point, Ethernet, SCSI, and VME to be selected. The result is a variation of the MVME162 which most closely fits the application requirement.

A key feature of the MVME162 is the IndustryPack® logic interface. This interface provides a 32-bit data path for the IndustryPack modules to the local MC68040 bus. IndustryPack modules provide a wide variety of connections to "real-world" applications such as I/O, control, interface, analog and digital functions.

Up to four single-wide or two double- wide IndustryPack modules can be installed on the MVME162 and still occupy only one VME slot. As I/O needs change, a new IndustryPack module can be installed thus preserving the customer's overall investment.


IndustryPack Interface

The IndustryPack interface ASIC (designed by Motorola) provides the logic interface for the IndustryPack bus. Key features of this device include: four DMA channels, 8 MHz or 32 MHz clock selection, and one programmable timer.

The MVME162 is fully compliant with the emerging IndustryPack standard which covers DMA and 32MHz operation.


Memory Expansion

The MVME162 is offered with 1 or 4MB of on-board DRAM. These versions can be expanded up to 16MB by using customer-installable memory modules.


Transition Modules

Optional MVME712 Series Transition Modules are available to support the use of standard I/O connections for the MVME162 Series. These modules take the I/O connections for the peripherals on-board the MVME162 Series from the P2 connection of the module to a transition module that has industry standard connections.


Development Software

Development software for the MVME162 series includes the on-board debugger/monitor firmware and driver packages for the VMEexec® environment. Object and source code is available for application development.


The Motorola Commitment

Motorola Computer Group is committed to providing best-in-class VME board level products and standard open computer platforms to the industry. These products provide superior hardware, price performance, and faithfulness to the tenets of open computing: modularity, scalability, portability and interoperability.

This commitment is evident in the MVME162. Because of the reliability and quality that are designed in, Motorola offers an industry leading standard five-year warranty.

MVME162 Memory Map

Address Range          Devices Accessed        Port      Bytes

Programmable           On-Board DRAM           D32       DRAMsize
Programmable           On-Board SRAM           D32       SRAMsize
Programmable           VMEbus A24/A32          D16/D32   3GB
Programmable           IndustryPack A Memory   D08-D32   64KB-8MB
Programmable           IndustryPack B Memory   D08-D32   64KB-8MB
Programmable           IndustryPack C Memory   D08-D32   64KB-8MB
Programmable           IndustryPack D Memory   D08-D32   64KB-8MB
$FF800000--$FF9FFFFF   FLASH/EPROM             D32       2MB
$FFA00000--$FFBFFFFF   EPROM/FLASH             D32       2MB
$FFC00000--$FFDFFFFF   Not Decoded             --        2MB
$FFE00000--$FFE7FFFF   SRAM (default)          D32       512KB
$FFE80000--$FFEFFFFF   Not Decoded             D32       512KB
$FFF00000--$FFFEFFFF   Local I/O Devices       D08-D32   1MB
$FFFF0000--$FFFFFFFF   VMEbus A16              D16/D3    64KB

MVME162 Series Ordering Information

Order MVME162-xxx

Clock    MPU Type    Memory   No SCSI/      SCSI   Ethernet   Both
Speed                Type     No Ethernet   Only   Only

25 MHz   
25 MHz   MC68LC040   1MB      001a

                     4MB      010a          011a   012a       013a
                     8MB      030a          031a   032a       033a

        MC68040      1MB      002a
                     4MB      020a          021a   022a       023a
                     8MB      040a          041a   042a       043a
32 MHz
32 MHz  MC68040      1MB      501a
                     4MB      510a          511a   512a       513a
                     8MB      520a          521a   522a       523a
                     16MB     530a          531a   532a       533a

Expansion Memory

Order MVME162-xxx

1MB   501a
4MB   502a
8MB   503a


  1. All models include: 512KB SRAM with battery backup, 1MB FLASH memory with MVME162BUG installed, two EPROM sockets, 8Kx8 NVRAM/TOD Clock, two serial ports, four IndustryPack ports, and timers.
  2. * indicates no VMEbus interface.
  3. a indicates the Major Revision Level. The alpha character is not normally part of the model number unless a major revision has occurred to the product.
  4. Order MVME162-xxx or MEM162-xxx


Type                MC68040
Clock Frequency     32 MHz
Type                MC68LC040 or MC68040
Clock Frequency     25 MHz


Dynamic RAM
  Capacity            1, 4, 8MB
  Read/Write Burst
    Mode              4-1-1-1 /3-2-2-2
  Parity              No
  Shared              VMEbus and local bus
Dynamic RAM
  Capacity            16MB
  Read/Write Burst
    Mode              4-2-2-2/3-2-2-2 
  Parity              No
  Shared              VMEbus and local bus
  Capacity            1MB
  Parity              No
  Shared              No
Static RAM
  Capacity            512KB to 2MB
  Read/Write Burst  
    Mode              5-3-3-3
  Parity              No
  Shared              VMEbus/local bus
  Battery Type        Lithium
  Battery Life
    (40°C)          200 days
  (32-pin PLCC)     One 1M x 8 in socket

VMEbus (IEEE 1014)

DTB Master         A16, A24, A32D08(EO), D16, D32, D64, BLK, UAT
DTB Slave          A16, A24, A32D08(EO), D16, D32, D64, BLK, UAT
Arbiter            RR/PRI
Interrupt Handler  IRQ 1-7
  Generator        Any 1 of 7
System Controller  Yes, jumperable
Location Monitor   4, LMA32

IndustryPack Logic Interface

Data Width         16/32-bit
Interrupts         Two levels
DMA                Four channels
Clock Speed        8/32 MHz
Module Types       Four single-high, two double-high
Transfer Rate
 -8 MHz8MB/sec     16-bit;16MB/sec 32-bit


Controller         NCR53C710
Asynchronous       5MB/s
Synchronous        10MB/s
Local Bus DMA      Yes, with local bus burst


Controller         82596CA
Local bus DMA      Yes

TOD Clock

TOD Clock Device    M48T08; 8KB NVRAM
 Timer/Counters     Six 32-bit, 1msec Resolution

Serial Ports

Controller            85230
Console               EIA-232-D DCE
Second Port           User Configurable, EIA-232 or EIA-530 DTE/DCE
Baud Rate, bps max.   38.4K Sync/Async

Board Size

Card Height & Depth           9.2 by 6.3 in. (233.4 by 160.0 mm)
Front Panel Height & Width    10.3 by 0.8 in. (261.8 by 19.8 mm)

Power Dissipation (no IndustryPacks)

Maximum           20 watts
+ 5V ± 2.5%       4.0 A (max.)/3.0 A (typ.)
+ 12V             100 mA (max., with off-board LAN transceiver)
-12V              100 mA (typical)

Hardware Support

Multiprocessing Hardware
 Support                   4 Mailbox Interrupts, RMW, Shared RAM
Debug/Monitor (included)   MVME162FW, Boot and Diagnostics
Transition Module (opt.)   MVME712 Series


Serial Ports                available on the Front Panel Through Two
                            DB-25 Female Connectors and P2
Ethernet, SCSI Peripherals  Available on P2
IndustryPack I/O            Available Via Four 50-pin Connectors 


Temperature (operating)     0°C to +70°C
Temperature (storage)       -40°C to +85°C
Vibration (operating)       2 Gs RMS, 20-2000 Hz Random
Altitude (operating)        15,000 feet
Humidity (noncondensing)    5% to 90%


Safety           all printed wiring boards (PWB's) are manufactured
                 by UL recognized manufacturers, with a flammability
                 rating of 94V-0

Demonstrated MTBF

Mean              190,509 
90% Confidence    107,681 

Kernel and Operating System Software Support

Motorola, Inc.                   VMEexec
Emerge Systems, Inc.             RTUX(tm)
Eyring, Inc.                     PDOS®
Integrated Systems, Inc.         pSOS+(tm)
Industrial Programming, Inc.     MTOS(tm)
JMI Software Consultants, Inc.   C EXECUTIVE(tm)
Microware System Corporation     OS-9(tm), OS-9000(tm)
Ready Systems                    VRTX-32(tm)
RTMX-UniFlex, Inc.               UniFLEX®, RTMX
Wind River Systems               VxWorks(tm)

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